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In the Womb of Arunachala

Many years ago, I had an experience during a deep meditation.

I had a vision inside the Holy Mountain.


I entered inside the womb of the Mountain.

It was very very very dark but not totally.

I could see her world within.

Inside, in her core,

There were many, many seeds and trees.

The seeds in the earth

The trees on her earth

Both appearing in the same dimension,

beneath and above…


There were many many ancient beings,

but at the same time,

I could feel a lot of space.

The Mountain could welcome an infinite number of beings.

Simultaneously, they were

above the ground

and in the core of the Mountain.

There was a big vibration holding all this world,

The heartbeat,

The pulse of the womb of the Mother

permeating each particle of it.

There were no words.

But a vast array of different sounds resonating the pure wildlife.

It was like being in the center of the universe.

Wrapped in a very very dense and thick atmosphere.

I could feel the pure condensed and concentrated density of the earth, of the life force

And at the same time, its fully permeated airy, infinite space.

The two oppositions met.

I could feel the richness of the fertile soil.

The air was humid and resonating in the cosmic womb.

The Mountain appeared as a non-dual being.

All the different dimensions and realms happening

in the same moment, in the same plane.

The Eternal Here and Now:

The light and the dark,

The seeds and the trees

The alpha and the omega.

The polarities meeting

In the same Being.

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