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SARAH - United Kingdom

Breathwork with Bindu is a beautiful experience. Bindu has the rare  ability to use  breathwork  while    helping you to  realize your true nature at the same time, breath by breath. Perfection!

MANUELA - Hawaii

I am breathing easier. I did not like to breathe and now I am reminded all the time, that there is an abundance of Prana all around me. Inside of me. Breathing is becoming joyful. Feeling like nurturing cells and feeling so much lighter and connected to it all.


Bindu, you are a most beautiful breathwork teacher. The few sessions I have had with you are making a huge difference. I am able to sleep better and my nervous system is feeling less agitated. Here in the moment. A huge blessing.

GAIL - Canada

Bindu and Breathwork Freedom is brilliant ! Breathwork was new to me so I was hesitant; but after one group session, I knew it was a perfect Yes ! 


I was wanting some gentle help for nervousness, fear, tension, showing up in body areas.  I've noticed during and after each session, there's been movement, a dissolving.

Bindu provides a safe, caring space. Every Breathwork Freedom session, is designed specifically for you; the music, the energy, is always fresh, new. 


Her powerful knowing, tender caring, soothingly guides you.  You do nothing. 

It is a Yes to Now, to Life, to Knowing and celebrating the calm, relaxed, peace you are!

MARCUS - Germany

Bindu artfully combines traditional breathwork with nondual wisdom and the teachings of Salvadore Poe.


Her joyful and calm presence and voice guided us skillfully all the way through the practice. I felt very calm, happy and relieved after my first session. It also seemed to me that the class helped me deepen the understanding of my true nature as the space of all that is.  


I definitely plan to continue the work with Bindu and am excited to see where the practice it will lead me in the future.


I absolutely love my breathing sessions with Bindu. She guides with such clarity, kindness and wisdom. I feel completely safe and at ease in her presence and can simply be in the present moment. I can also see a great benefit to my body. I feel much more relaxed and my sleep is improving. It’s been a beautiful and heart opening experience to breathe with her. Thank you Bindu!

BASHA - France

Source of inspiration 

When I met Bindu, I was miles away from inner peace. Thanks to Bindu, I discovered meditation. I became truer to myself, which made me move forward in the right direction.
Her experience, knowledge and her ability  to share made all this well-being attainable for me.

With the guided breathing sessions, Bindu helped me start a healing process which I never thought I needed, nor could attain.

She is so passionate about what she does that it's a real pleasure to have her as a coach.

DANIEL - Hawaii

Great experience, fantastic session with Bindu! Thank you!

I have been doing slow, deep breathing sessions for years, whenever I feel nervous, dizzy and exhausted. It works great for relaxation.


Breathing with Bindu is a beautiful experience. Her gentle guidance ushered my journey into a tranquil yet powerful state of presence. Thank you Bindu.

JULIEN - Belgium

Je ne m’étais jamais penché, ni même attardé ou encore intéressé à ma respiration. Elle allait de soi, comme de marcher, dormir, manger.

Par automatisme.

Quelle découverte ! Cette prise de conscience a été pour moi une véritable révélation. Un nouvel outil pour me permettre d’appréhender le monde et ses rapports.


Je ne saurai jamais comment remercier Bindu, qui  m’a accompagné et guidé dans cette nouvelle découverte enrichissante de « soi ».

Emporté par la musique, sans exercer le moindre effort contraignant, parvenir à « entrer » en soi et accéder à des sensations d’une douceur et d’une bienveillance infinie.


Chaque séance permet d’accéder à un niveau supplémentaire de connaissance de soi, de sérénité, de clairvoyance.

Des mots que nous avons tendance à galvauder mais qui ici, prennent tout leur sens.


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