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What is Breathwork?

Breath is the direct doorway to our nervous system,

our body wisdom and to Presence.

While most of us are not consciously aware of our breath, science shows more and more the numerous impacts of the breath on our entire body. It impacts our energy, our blood and our lungs, which is one of the most important organs of our natural detoxification process. It is effective for sleep, depression and anxiety management. Breathing also affects us at the hormonal level, as well as our immunity, brain chemistry, heart, etc.


In our modern societies, many of us are stuck in an adrenalized state of stress and are not able to relax our intense anxiety due to an imbalance in our nervous system.

The good news is that Breathwork has the ability to immediately regulate our level of stress and to restore a healthy balance between our fight and flight mode and our rest and digest mode, during which our body regenerates.


With Breathwork, we act directly on our nervous system, becoming grounded, safe and at ease in our body.


Breathwork is a wonderful and effective means of healing all the wounds and tensions that are stored in our cells. By restoring the flow in our body, we also resolve emotions and trauma that are deeply held and isolating us from Life.


Breathwork also has the power to increase our awareness and connect us with the present moment. This will allow us to be aware of our psychological limitations, our conditioning, our wounds and the patterns that are determining our way of living. This is the way to our wholeness and to feel empowered by living in a more conscious way, instead of reproducing unconsciously limiting patterns preventing us to realize our full potential in our daily life.

By practicing Breathwork, we will reconnect to our wholeness and to who we really are with more compassion for ourselves and the world.


Breath is the doorway to a totally embodied awakening.

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