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Sessions with Bindu

A session to heal and be nurtured by the power of your breath and your presence

With 20 years of meditation practice in the Buddhist and Non-Dual teachings, I am working mainly with conscious connected breath, different breathing techniques, felt sense meditation and awareness to open your being to your inner presence.

During the journey, I will guide and support you with the conscious connected breath in a gradual and soft way in order to allow you to feel safe in your body.  You will naturally release physical and mental tensions which will lead to a shift of your perception from being limited and contracted to an expanded consciousness permeated by peace and free from the constant flow of thoughts.

During a session, a real healing of past traumas and habitual emotional patterns is possible and you will feel again reconnected to all that you are and to your wholeness and to live more consciously by being connected to yourself, the world and Life with more peace, joy, love, compassion, trust, gratitude, creativity, ease of being and a deep sense of freedom.


Sessions length usually last between 1.5 hours to 2 hours, according to the unfolding of the session. Sessions are supported with music or without, according to your preferences. Each session is tailored depending on your needs.


I am offering online Zoom sessions

Please contact Bindu for more information and to make an appointment.

Breathwork Freedom to awaken your Life.

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