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Reconnected to the ever unfolding Life's Renewal

Dears Breathers and Friends,


I hope you are doing well these days in this brand new year! 

As shared during our previous session - The Eternal Seed of Love, this period of the year can be the opportunity to make new resolutions or intentions. However in this dark age, in this winter season, it may be difficult to be optimistic, to feel a sense of hope and to feel that something new is possible.


I am offering you the access to my last session on my private platform for your own renewal.


I feel it is good to remember that the history of humanity has always been shaped by moments of expansion and contraction… and renewal


Let’s also remember that the renewal, the new birth is always happening in dark spaces, in the womb of our mothers, in the womb of the Earth. Darkness contains the seeds of creation and these periods of time can be seen as wonderful invitations to reconnect with the substratum of Creation, the matrix which lives beneath forms and to tap directly into the Life Force/Creation for nourishment, inspiration, regeneration and renewal.

On my side, I am connecting to the vibration of the renewal of Life while having my coffee seated outside seeing our roses blossoming. You may be living in a part of the world where the flowers are not blooming and Spring seems very far away. What about taking a moment to connect with the earth and feeling the roots of the trees around you or simply connect with the living source by watching the winter birds?


This sense of renewal is also directly accessible in your body in our loving Presence as Life is always happening in our body, in each of our breaths and in each of our sensations…


However, due to stress, anxiety, mental and physical tensions, trauma and disconnection, our body, our heart and our mind may have been closed off, preventing us from feeling alive and the love of creation always flowing into our body and nourishing our being.


It is possible to renew your body and mind as the year begins, even before the flowers in your garden are blossoming.


Thanks to our Breath and our Loving Presence, we have the possibility to release our tensions and to be again in touch with Life force and the flow of constant renewal happening in our body, in a safe and loving way.


I invite you to join my next free webinars during which I will introduce my upcoming series - 6 Portals to Open Your Body, starting on Feb 4th - based on my signature system, the Wisdom of Breath and Loving Presence, supporting the shift of our brain from agitated to calmer brain waves, leading to stress and anxiety reduction, body and mind regeneration, a sense of reconnection and expanded states of consciousness, by applying different modalities coming from my extensive path in both meditation/presence and somatic healing.




I will hold a Free Webinar on January 21st at 11am NY - 4pm UK - 5pm Paris - 9:30pm IST. You can register on this link.


In these FREE 90 Minute sessions, I will share with you simple and powerful techniques to help you to quiet down your mind and to be able to reach a state of deep presence to feel reconnected with the ever unfolding Life's flow.


Have a Beautiful day,


With Love,


Bindu - Jan 7th, 2024

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