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Extract - Breathing in our Central Channel

This is a short extract from my last breathwork session during which we started with some straw breaths, breathing directly into the Essence of Love and Innocence. Then we did some central channel breathing exploring the ascending and descending movements of our breath, to finally exhale love and innocence on the right and left side and all around our body. During my breathwork sessions, I am combining different subtle body breathing techniques according to how my body guides me. When I am preparing a session, I am also somehow connected with my breathers and the field and this is also how the inspiration or the ‘download’ comes. The Space of Loving Presence is a deep and rich well of Inspiration;) This is the Space I am in now while preparing my first session called the Luminous Presence, from my Spring series starting this Sunday April 2nd. We are already a beautiful group of breathers. I feel very honoured and excited to share this Spring breathwork series. I feel it in my Heart as it is the culmination and the end of the 3 last breathwork series' I created this year. We started 9 months ago and it feels like we will go through a rebirth of our being with the Spring. This online series – 6 Expansions to Universal Consciousness is also accessible to new breathers who want to ascend and expand in their Body, their Being and their heart in the Loving Presence of the Breath. We will have 6 breathing journeys and I will also share simple but powerful breathing techniques that you will be able to easily apply in your daily life to refresh your body and to reset your nervous system. To register -see Page Event – I have a few spots left. You can also subscribe to my mailing list if you want to know when I am holding online free breathwork session.

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