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Regular Events

I am offering regular group breathwork sessions, individual sessions and breathwork programs.


A group session lasts 1.5 hours starting with an introduction around the conscious connected breath and ending with a moment of sharing. 


During these sessions, I will guide you with music and support you to encourage conscious connected breathing while being totally here and now with what is manifesting.

Please register below if you wish to attend a group Breathwork session.

For individual session, please send me a mail through the Contact page or at

Please be aware that there are some contraindications for acute health issues, like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, bipolarity, epilepsy, pregnancy, glaucoma/detached retina, diagnosed brain or abdomen aneurysm, recent abdominal surgery, uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid conditions.

If you are suffering from acute health conditions in these areas, please consult a doctor if you feel the need to. You will always have the possibility to breathe in a gentle way.


- Make sure to be in a private and calm place.

- We will do this session while being seated. So, you can sit on your couch or a comfortable chair at your desk. Make sure that you can rest your back on it. If you already have a session, you can lie down on your bed or a yoga mat.

- You can use some pillows to support your head, neck, chest, back.

- Wear loose clothes.

- We will be breathing with music. You can use a headset for a better experience.

- You can use your computer, tablet or phone as long as you can put it in a way that I can see your face and torso while you are breathing - without holding your device.

- Make sure your device is charged or connected.

- Please make sure that the notifications sound is off.

- As breathing can impact body temperature, have a comfortable blanket close by.

- If you plan to eat before the session, have a light meal. We recommend breathing 2 hours after a normal meal. 

- Have some water with you.

- Have some tissues in case some tears are released. Breathing releases physical and emotional tensions and everything is welcome.

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