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Alchemy of Breath
BBTRS Breathworker

Bindu Pothalil

AoB Certified Breathwork Facilitator.png

I am Bindu, certified Breathworker at Alchemy of Breath and Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release (BBTRS). I have also a long path in meditation in Buddhist and Non Dual Hindu traditions allowing me to develop a grounded Presence while being very familiar and at ease with the functioning of the human mind.

Since childhood, I have been questioning life: we will all die, there is so much suffering around, what is the point of all of this? Is there a meaning? If I wanted to live, I felt that I needed to find one. I was missing something.


That is how I ended up on the spiritual path. I was determined to get enlightenment to be free and to feel happy.


After twenty years of intense search in Buddhist and Advaita traditions and by going deep inside myself on many meditation retreats all over the world, my path was finally over. One night, the energy of the search left me – 'this is it, it has always been in me, so simple, so peaceful'. It was clear that freedom is already here and now in every moment. There is no special state be to be attained, not even a more peaceful state, and nothing has to be fixed. I realized that the aim of spirituality is to be at ease with my humanity, feeling alive and connected with Life.


Two years ago, I left my corporate job to dedicate my time to my passion, meditation, and I launched my meditation app AWAKE TO LIFE., available in English and French. Even if I was doing what I loved, the life of a freelancer can be stressful for the body and the mind. I realized my nervous system was always in the alert fight and flight response and that I was carrying in my body imprints of my stressful western life. That is how I reconnected with the Breath, which was my first meditation tool. 

Since my first breathwork experience, I have been amazed by the power of the breath to release blocked energy and increase wellbeing, as well as being a means to experience a deep inner peace and oneness with Life Force. This made me realize that breathwork is the doorway to an embodied awakening.

Now, I am working on my AWAKE TO LIFE app along with giving individual and group breathwork sessions and supporting Salvadore Poe’s intensives, which are about awakening to Freedom.




A meditation and life app
dedicated to people aspiring to live fully

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