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dim. 04 déc.




Your body is here for You and is the doorway for more freedom and a complete human fulfilment. According to tantric Tibetan and Hindu spiritual traditions, our body is the doorway to authentic awakening.

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Time & Location

04 déc. 2022, 11:00 UTC−5 – 19 févr. 2023, 13:00 UTC−5


About the Event

I am very happy that I will start a new and unique ONLINE 6 SESSIONS BREATHWORK PROGRAM: JOURNEY TO OUR CORE

Your body is here for You and is the doorway for more freedom in your daily life, for a complete human fulfilment. 

According to tantric Tibetan and Hindu spiritual traditions, our body is the doorway to authentic awakening.

This new BREATHWORK FREEDOM - Journey to Our Core 6 Online Series is an invitation to enter into the Core of our sensations, so that we can reconnect with our body and our embodied Presence from within, release accumulated tensions and trauma, and discover the wisdom of our body to fully inhabit our being and our life.

This winter BREATHWORK FREEDOM 6 online series is an invitation

• to nurture your body with your loving presence and your breath

• to open and release energy, tensions and traumas in a trauma informed structure 

• to restore a deep connection and dialogue with your somatic body

and to discover the hidden wisdom of your body for a new perception of who you are and a deeper and embodied quality of Presence for a reconnection with Life. 

All of this allows a complete human fulfilment.

This series is the culmination of my life journey between the Eastern and the Western worlds.

This series is an unique breathwork approach combining different Western and Eastern methodologies, my personal insights, knowledge and experience of these last 20 years in Buddhism, Hindu Advaita, meditation, breathwork, trauma release, Kundalini yoga and other modalities such as somatic awareness, unwinding movement and bodywork.

This course is perfect for parents, entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, somatic therapists, yogis, meditators, and any human being aspiring to reconnect to the wisdom of their body, their essence and to life in an authentic embodied way.

I have designed this new series so that you can reconnect with your body with the powerful support of your Breath and Presence. By joining this new series, you will be able to

- get out of your hectic head and to slow down at the end of a long day

- feel more grounded, centred, less anxious and be again open to the beauty of life

- ignite your body’s own intelligence to release deep and old tensions and traumas that have been solidified during your entire life.

- listen to your body and feel how your body can inform you about your needs and provide you some deep insights to live your daily life from a more authentic place, feeling more aligned with yourself.

- restore a peaceful and true dialog with all that that you are

- restore a deep connection with your inner being, which is the doorway for more love to heal your wounds

- discover a new realm beyond the rational mind and the limited ego. In your body, you will access a vast infinite space, another dimension of Presence, of Awareness, of Being. A universal consciousness from the Core of Creation, from the Source.

This series is an invitation to deep dive into the profound wisdom of your body and your breath in Presence, out of the story for more peace, more love and a complete human fulfilment.

This is the third series of the Embodied Awakening Breathwork series of this year. Come and join our online community of breathers!

LAST DAY OF REGISTRATION : December 3rth at 11am NY - 4pm UK time


at 11am NY - 4pm UK - 5pm Paris - 9:30pm India on

- Dec 4th and 18th, 2022

- Jan 8th, 22nd, 2023

- Feb 5, 19th


1. Finding Solace in our Core

2. Breathing in the Unkown

3. Back to the Primordial Space

4. The Cosmic Totality

5. The Wildness of Being

6. The Ultimate Paradox


- Each session will last 2 hours

- If you cannot attend live, video replays will be accessible.

- You will be able to share, to grow and to develop new breathing habits on a private community platform with the other participants of the Program.


Your breath of Life, Presence, trauma release exercises, breathing and embodiment techniques, unwinding movement, bodywork around the different belts of tension, meditation, felt sense and somatic awareness, sound, and more.

This program offers a gradual and trauma informed approach allowing a reconnection with our body in a safe way.


'Working with Bindu I am ever so gently guided into deeper worlds of myself. I get access to information and parts of myself that otherwise remain hidden, not felt and not experienced in daily ordinary living.   I also make contact with painful parts, that I would not otherwise, and I imagine this to be very healthy …… sort of like a housecleaning.   

What I am overall mostly getting from the last BREATHWORK FREEDOM series is: being pulled into presence and out of story. With every session, being pulled into the unknown and into presence, and noticing how different it still is, and how much is there, under the surface of every day living. How much there is to explore. Also I get insights with every session, equivalent to doing a plant medicine  

Bindu also has attracted and created a group of very beautiful people that have been breathing together for many months now, and I always look forward to BEING with the group, it is a beautiful experience of being together.' Tanja, US


'I firstly want to thank Bindu for the most extraordinary BREATHWORK FREEDOM last series… It has delivered everything I wanted and so much more.   I have learned to breathe deeply into my belly, which is a first for me, having been a very shallow breather for most of my life. As a result of accessing this ability, there are new levels of calm and peace available to me on a daily basis. 

I have loved every single session and am compelled and fascinated as Bindu weaves her unique knowledge and experience of the different spiritual, psychological and physiological methodologies. Every idea Bindu presented fits with my own perceptions and understanding, and I love her unique perspective. What brings it all together, however, is her deep connection to truth which provides a context that resonates so deeply within me. I trust Bindu and am therefore able to drop into my own experience, exquisitely joyful or painful, without editing. This means I go deep and fast.  Whatever breathing adventures Bindu has to propose next, I’m in!!', Elizabeth, UK


" A deep connection with our inner being which allows a reconciliation with all part of ourselves. 

A beautiful, peaceful and true dialog with who we are. 

A bubble far from our daily routine which gives us a meaningful approach to life and a needed way to listen to our body. Bindu provides us with a unique approach with both rational insights from Western psychology and an Eastern spiritual path with kindness, softness, and positivism in a professional way. I highly recommend Bindu and her work" Delphine, France

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