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Who am I?


Here is an extract of my last session during which I talked about myself and my way of sharing breathwork.

After a spiritual path of more than 20 years in many Eastern spiritualities,

I realized that the breath is the simplest yet most profound way to access the essence of the Eastern wisdom for more peace and freedom in your daily life, acting both on your mind and your body.

This is what I offer in my breathwork sessions. I share the quintessence of all my spiritual practices, enabling a sense of freedom in an embodied and living way.

My breathwork sessions are the fruition of the different techniques I practiced for many years, reflecting the essence of my spiritual path in a modern way, accessible to everyone and to the Western mind.

Due to my intercultural background, between the West and the East, I am able to bring the essence of the spiritual Eastern traditions in a very simple way, through the breath and presence, accessible to everybody.

My breathers are located all around the Western world. They are corporate workers, healers, coaches, spiritual seekers and also people with no spiritual background seeking for reconnection to who they are and to life and aspiring for a sense of Freedom in the current hectic world.

My sessions allow them to experience and to forge an embodied sense of freedom, both in their body and in their mind, to feel empowered to live their life as they want.

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