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Trauma, Wholeness and Breathwork

Breathwork can open the doors of your subconscious mind where old materials are stored.

It allows this opening in gentle way respecting your pace and your nervous system when it is supported in an empathic way.

This is the way, I am leading my sessions, by being present and holding the space to let the process unfold by itself and to allow the breathers to feel and find their authentic self.

While being gentle, it is also for me the fastest way for nervous system and wounds healing.


Because breathwork has the ability to by pass our mind and our neocortex. It allows to dive into Presence and to give space to tensions to be released and to trauma to complete its response. When the trauma response did not have the space to be released, it remains in your subconscious mind and in your body. This can explain why we have some beliefs and some limitations we can not always understand.

Finally, what I want to share here is that there is nothing wrong with us having tensions and trauma. We all have some and this is part of our human condition. Some trauma can even be intergenerational and collective.

I feel that by releasing our trauma, we are healing ourselves and also the collective.

Healing our trauma, we can find more freedom in our life, more expansion in our breath and body, and also touch the beauty of the human brokenness.

Human fragility has been rejected. The modern society wants us to be strong-always. But what about if Life is simply about being with all that we are in order to feel no more separated from ourselves and from Life? What about if our tensions and trauma are invitation to find our wholeness?

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