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These Hands Anew

Feeling my hands in the eternal now

In which past, present and future endlessly intertwine,

The eternal,

Condensed in an infinitely small dot,

Full of space, endless. Being in the dark, in the cocoon of the womb, This was the only space I knew,

The only known there was. The world of forms had not yet entered my consciousness. My music was a heartbeat,

Pulsing in the ocean of the womb.

A thundercrack,

Then a wave vibrating through the water. I curled inward

Clenching my fists against the sudden force shaking the matrix. The violence of the wave entered

And contracted my entire being. Heart closed, scared by the wave, Hands afraid to open and trust life fully, This birthed an embodied separation, carried throughout my life. Today, I am discovering these hands anew,

Opening shyly and slowly,

Nurtured by the power of the breath, my movement and my loving presence. Cellular memories illumined by my breath,

The primordial vibration of the depths. A fresh breeze of renewal is flowing through all my channels, Tingling aliveness dancing,

Liberating the crystallized violent wave of the past. Light breathing out of my fingers,

Palms, the top of my hands through my wrists,

Opening all the pores of my skin, of my being. Reborn,

I receive and merge with the space within my cells,

The air, the sun, the infinite unfolding life. Feeling the infinite space throughout all the cells of my hands,

Sensing the reprogramming and reset of my nervous system,

New pathways are created,

Regenerating my body, Reshaping my perception of the world. Supported by the sacred wind of breath,

The dance in presence,

A new route has been discovered,

The connection of my hands to my heart from which I can expand and receive

Without fear, force or resistance. A door is opening to feel life and be life.

With Gratitude


This body,

The primordial movement of the breath

And my eternal self.


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