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The silence of the Heart

Hands on our heart,

Let s breath gently and softly in our heart.

Diving a bit more deeply into its peace with each exhale,

Bringing a little bit more space with each inhale,



With each inhale,

Let’s bring all our pain, our wounds

Into the silence in our heart.

Our heart has an infinite space

Depthless and endless

Full of love

The energy of infinite creation

Giving life and healing.

For a moment let’s bring our little mind

With all our compassion.

Let all our tensions and worries

Find their way back to the source

Our heart

Let s them dissolve into our loving awareness

With the tenderness present in each of our breaths.

Let’s allow our heart to open a bit more

With each inhale

Exposing our vulnerability

Letting go of all our protections,

To be naked again

Like Eve and Adam

In communion with nature,

With the flow of life.


We are again United and no more separated from the infinite life flow

Entering us

Permeating all our cells.

Totally Naked and again alive

With no mind

In between.

Feel the weight of the protection and contraction.

Contrasting the flow of opening.

In our heart open

The struggle is over.

Simply being

Disappearing in the silence of our heart.


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