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Testimonial - The Body IS the Earth

Here is a TESTIMONIAL of my online BREATHWORK FREEDOM series – Journey in Our Core

My new BREATHWORK FREEDOM series started and this time we are focusing on our somatic body in order to reconnect with the primordial intelligence already present in our Body. You can call this primordial intelligence Life Force, Creation, Life or Unconditional and Unborn Presence.

This is the space of origin and end, from which life is birthing and where everything is dissolving.

This is the Space of Pure Love,


Ever Unfolding.

With the breath, we are able to reconnect to this Dimension of Being, the Core of Creation and come back Home.

And this Space of Pure Love, Pure Presence, this primordial intelligence is already in our body. Always!

But why can we feel separated from Life if this primordial intelligence if is already in our body?

Because we are living in a reality well rooted in our head far from our body.

We may think we know our body but often we apprehend our body with our mind. The only image we can have from our body is an object, some matter, with a head, arms and legs. We may perceive our body as an object and may not have seen and tasted the aliveness of our body from inside.

Even when we meditate on our body, we may miss its pure aliveness and intelligence. Because we are looking to our body with our mind and not fully entering it. In this posture, we are in touch with our conceptual body, the image of our body filtered by our mind and our concepts.

The breath allows to enter a deeper dimension of our body, our SOMATIC Body – the pure aliveness inside our body. Then the veil of the mind can be lifted, and we can be in touch with this primordial intelligence, the pure presence, this deep love which is at the Core of Life and creation.

Then, we can discover that the center of Creation, the center of the Earth has always been inside us




Just waiting for our Loving Presence

To Bring us Back Home.

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