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Testimonial : Shift of Perception

Here is a TESTIMONIAL from Jason who did the last Breathwork Freedom series with me and will join us for the coming Spring series.

For Jason, breathwork is inaugurating a new journey by allowing him to feel that he is Now his own Best Friend. He shares about the importance of Self-Reconnection and Self-Love.

As most of us, he never really took time to connect with himself enough and to nurture self-love.

What he loves about breathwork is that he knows that it is THE best thing he can do for himself.

Jason also shares the lasting SHIFT OF PERCEPTION he has now has access to thanks to the breath. He describes this shift as another level of consciousness – kind of similar to experiences he had on mushrooms, except that it has a lasting effect and permeates his daily life. Many of my breathers reported me the same thing. I had similar experiences thanks to my intensive meditation practices. I feel that during my breathwork sessions, I am connected to Presence, which is a doorway to another dimension and perception. Interestingly, many of my breathers told me that they can feel this universal dimension in our collective field during our sessions.

As Jason describes, this shift of perception is not nothing as it allows the AHAH moment – ‘Oh My God, This really is IT!, with an understanding that’s not from the mind!

And the beauty is that this realization is not only an experience and just keeps unfolding and makes his life Vibrant. All his life, he has been feeling contained and now he feels expanded, thanks to breathwork. Now he is able to appreciate his daily life in a new and deep way filled with enjoyment and Love. As he said – I just want to give a hug to Everything I do. What else to ask for?;)

And this is the topic of my next Spring series – EXPANSION, CONNECTION and Breathing UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

Join me and the other beautiful breathers who already signed up for this journey to Expansion! All the info is on my website – see Event Page.

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