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Testimonial : Breathwork, Ego and Trauma

If you want to know more about breathwork and what my breathers are experiencing, this is a great video of 5 min giving you a great summary of the power of the breath.

In my breathwork series, I am combining different modalities such as trauma release, different somatic and embodiment techniques coming from my spiritual path in different Eastern traditions and my connection to Presence nurtured during more than 20 years.

Here is an interview of one of my beautiful breathers, Elizabeth, sharing the impacts of breathwork on her life.

She shares her transformations and releases around developmental trauma stress and adrenalin burnout.

Thanks to our work together, she is now able to breathe deeper. She used to be a shallow breather. Being able to access her deeper breath made a huge impact on her life in term of managing stress and adrenaline burnout.

Elizabeth also shares about the benefits of the breath around intense headaches. These headaches are the results of tiredness and stress and are also caused by some early childhood and intra-uterine traumas. Thanks to breathwork combined with some Eastern practices I shared, she felt the back of her head completely melting and opening. And now the headaches are much less intense.

Elizabeth also shares about the release happening around her jaws and she could feel facial muscles re-adjusting during the sessions.

At the end of this rich interview, she also shares about the deep grounding effect of the breath by opening her abdominal segment allowing her to leave her ego completely behind.

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