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After a breathwork session that consisted of opening all the body’s belts tensions based on the BBTRS approach, felt sense and my own meditation approach, I had some thoughts about our personal responsibility for our own liberation.

It was interesting that this topic was also raised by a few people attending the session.

Most of us want to be free from the mental afflictions and physical tensions that prevent us from living life in a freer and happier way. But it is not that easy to face our resistances and to lower the walls we have built around ourselves. Life happened, and our body’s intelligence put in place our armoring – our physical tensions and mental patterns. This has been put in place for good reasons and to protect us. They were very useful at one time in order not to feel overwhelmed and to be able to face our daily life. At some point, these protections became burdens and created tensions preventing us from enjoying life and feeling good in our body.

These armors and defensive mechanisms have been formed since our early childhood, and even when we were in the womb, for some of us. De-armoring is not an easy task and requires patience, determination, courage and responsibility.

I feel that if we want to be free, commitment is required, and it is our own responsibility. Nobody can do it for us. We can be supported and guided, but at the end of the day, we are with ourselves only.

Personally, I spent years in meditation and did a lot of practices to learn how to be with my uncomfortable aspects and to face them. For years, I rejected them because I did not want to see or feel them. I was missing the first essential step for my own healing: being able to welcome what is appearing in Presence.

Slowly, slowly, thanks to loving presence with no suppression, no judgement, no mind, I developed an ease of being with my insecurities, protections, defensive mechanisms and unpleasant feelings and thoughts. It was not easy and still it can be uncomfortable, but by embracing them, I now know that they are all coming and going and do not have the power to destroy me. On the contrary, I feel that these uncomfortable feelings are showing up for me, to point out what I am not seeing, to make conscious the unconscious. It is their way of expressing that something has not been completed and processed for my own wellbeing and liberation.

Presence, meditation and felt sense are powerful tools to be with, to make peace and to heal the repressed parts of ourselves that cause our suffering. Personally, I experienced that when I combine this ability of presence with breathwork, the resolution of my tensions can be faster. Indeed, conscious connected breathing bypasses the mind and makes it easy to be simply with all our emotions and feelings without trying to get rid of them, and without going back into the story, which can cause re-traumatization. And breathwork also allows for the regulation of our nervous system, making us feel safer with what is appearing. By breathing while remaining in our pure presence, we can develop a sense of ease with whatever emerges in our being or externally. We are increasing our window of tolerance. And we can release the protections, the traumas that have been put in place because of a deregulation of our nervous system.

Combining presence and breathwork allows me to be one again with all the parts of myself and to be more at ease with my humanity. This is my way for an embodied liberation.

The path was not always easy, but I felt that there was no other way than being real and facing my entire being. No one else could have done it for me. And now, I feel very grateful to have been guided this way, as peace is often present in my being.


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