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My way of Sharing Breathwork

Here is an extract from one of my open breathwork sessions.

I love bringing the breathers in an intimate relationship with their breath, their body and presence, in a very gentle and embodied way, far from the stories of the mind.

For real nervous system regulation, I feel it is important to stay grounded in the breath and in our body. For me, it is very important to nurture our Presence while breathing. Many of us have been so disconnected from our body. We took refuge in our head and sometimes our body can be alien and even scary.

In my sessions, I am sharing in my own unique way, combining all that I integrated during my thousands of hours of meditation, my different breathwork trainings, my life experience and especially what resonates in my body. I can only share what I know and feel.

For me, having Indian ancestors, I am also very connected to the sacredness of the breath. The breath knows. I can only be the space and the presence to let the process unfold. I know that it is not coming from me and that I am just a vessel...

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