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Innocent Mind

Today, I received an old picture of me when I was around 10 years old.

I did not recognize myself and was surprised by this questioning look: What does it all mean? Why are things as they are? What is this life about?

I see the beginning of my spiritual path even back then.

It moved me to see this picture of myself, from more than 30 years ago, the day after I held a breathwork session during which people were able to reconnect with their own joyful child feeling again, their innocent playfulness.

During this session, we dealt with the oral and cervical belts, making grimacing facial movements, sound, massage and different exercises to melt the mask impressed upon our face during the course of our life. As the years pass by, we can lose our joy and playfulness and not enjoy life fully.

It makes me realize that what we are longing for is to reconnect with our innocent mind and be open to experience life fully. Think about the younger children fully expressing their joy, sadness and anger without any restrictions. At that age, they don’t have any conditioning saying that one behaviour is good and one bad or that they should behave in a certain way. At that age, emotions and states of being can be experienced and digested as they are and they drink the juice of life fully. For me, this resonates a lot with freedom and non-separation; to be simply as we are without any judgements or limiting thoughts. For me, this is to be at peace with whatever arises, again one with all that we are, fully immersed in life flow. Freedom of being is so empowering!

With breathwork, we can reconnect again with our innocent and fully alive being by releasing all the tensions and traumas stored in our subconscious mind. We can shed our old skin to leave space for our essential being, which is pure and wild life.

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