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Breathwork - Grounding in Eternity

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Here is a breathing grounding meditation

- to enter our breath of Life

- to feel our body supported by the earth - for our nervous system regulation and a sense of safety

- to feel our root chakra and our perineum which is the gate of Eternity in our body.

Breathing in our perineum has a grounding effect both on our body and on our mind.

Being grounded means being in our body, no more in our head caught by our hectic mind.

Being grounded means Being in the present moment.

Deeply grounded in our body,

we can be directly in touch with the deeper layer of reality of Life and the core of Creation, which is ever unfolding,


In this dimension, we are beyond our constricted and linear mind,

We enter the Timeless and experience Oneness with Life.

Our body and our breath allow us to shift our perception for an expanded consciousness.

Our body is a Sacred vessel,

the Form giving us access to the Formless which can also be called

Presence, Life, Goddess, God, ...

For me, the body is the Doorway for coming back Home.

This meditation reflects my body of work combining my spiritual practices, my insights with the breath.

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