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Going beyond the mind with the Breath

Such as your presence,

Breath is unconditional.

Thoughts can appear,

And feel your breath is still happening.

In your breath, you are the knowing.

You are the knower of your thoughts.

And you can breathe in your thoughts.

There are not solid,

Just movements such as the waves on the ocean.

See that everything is appearing in you, Knowing.

Everything even your breath.

Remain the pure subject, everything can appear.

And yet you, Knowing, remain untouched.

Like the breath, you are ever fresh.

See your thoughts appearing as waves in the Ocean of you, Knowing.

Like the ocean, you are infinite, unlimited, vast, all-inclusive.

Ride on the waves of your Breath!

Be the observer of the waves!

Now you can see that

you are not your thoughts, your emotions, your mind.

They are appearing in you, Knowing, in your pure presence,

I am, I exist.

In the waves of your breath,

Everything is

Appearing, deploying, and dissolving in your ocean of Presence.


Feel the intelligence of the breath and your body!

Things simply are.

No commentator, no arguing voice on how things should be,

Just what IS.

Your breath and what is appearing.

And what will need to be revealed will be revealed

What will need to be uncovered will be known

Through your breath in the light of your Presence.

Feel the loving and healing power of each of your breaths.

The waves are embraced as part of the Ocean of your being

And can merge again with the flow.

When you let the breath breathe you,

You don’t have to do anything.

Just Being

And the breath is breathing you.

Breathing and Knowing are spontaneously manifesting.

By breathing, you are.

Breathing is Being,

Being is Knowing.

Feel the harmonious movement of your circular breath.

Feel the flow of life in your being.

It is already here,

Nothing to do.

It has always been with you.

The breath is breathing you,

You just are.


This is your essential nature,

Your Essence.

You are Essence.

Essence, where you are just wide open, alive,

one with Life,


Presence knowing itself,


In your Essence, you are whole, totally open.

No difference between you and life force.

As You, Knowing

The circle breath has no beginning and no end.

The flow of Life is flowing again in you.

You are again connected to Life.

Welcome the Ease of Being, ease of Living!

No longer separated,

But one with what is!

You are back to the wholeness and

You are naturally at peace with what is.

At peace with yourself.

At peace with Life.

Your breath is restoring the flow,

The circle of unity.

The breath permeates all of your cells freely.

Knowing permeates all that you are.

Now you can fully embrace the play of Life as you are.

This is Freedom.

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Manuela Christener
Manuela Christener
Sep 21, 2021

Beautiful Bindu!

Thank you for YOU!

YOU are a gift!

These words are priceless.

Being and feeling the truth in each of them.

Seems as life is a priceless jewel.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful adventure with us. Thank you for introducing us into breathing with you. Life is so much richer being with the breath one moment at a time. Knowing.

Love You!

Bindu Pothalil
Bindu Pothalil
Sep 22, 2021
Replying to

My dear Manuela! Thank you so much for your words, your support and your infinite kindness. I feel so so grateful to be connected with you and to breathe together. 🌅

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