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From Doing to Being

Yesterday, during my breathwork session with my mentor, I connected with Milarepa, the yogi at the head of the lineage of the Buddhist path I followed.

At the beginning of the breathwork session, I could feel tensions on the right side of my skull. Then, it spreads to my right ear. When we are doing breathwork, the breath is awakening the tensions from inside of our body, even some deep ones we are not conscious of.

When we are breathing in presence, the wisdom of our body can reveal deep things and reveal the unconscious.

For me the topic of the week was a subtle anxiety coming out as I have been slowing down a lot since the last weeks.

It feels very nice to be able to slow down and able to listen to my being in order not to do too much. And the beauty is that life and work still happen as I have more and more clients and creativity is flowing.

During this breathwork session, I received the insight of Doing from another place, doing from Being. It is about balancing my masculine and feminine energies. I saw that in reality the doing is coming from stillness and being and that I can relax.

As shared during my last group session, I thought before that I had to design and create my sessions with my mind.

But the more I am open

The more I am Space

I am receiving Life

Which IS

The source of Creation

The Space from which

all our Doing is emerging from.

We are living so much in a world where there is the importance only on the Doing mode.

At the end of the session, I was totally calm and at rest, listening to the vibration of Life in a very content way.

Breathwork combined with presence is a powerful tool to release our anxiety and enlightens us with deep insights about the way we live our life. Breathwork has also the power to transform our body and mind!

It was also very interesting to see that as Milarepa, I was hearing and listening with my right ear at the end of the session. I ended up in the same posture as him.

The right ear is on the masculine side of our body. The masculine ear listening to the feminine aspect of non doing, receiving life.

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