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Extract - Complete Alternate Nostrils Breathing Technique

This Sunday, 23 beautiful breathers and myself started a new breathwork journey!

During this new series, we will rise, expand and connect and be fully aligned with the Rising Spring.

In addition to the breathwork journey, I am also sharing simple but powerful techniques which I am using in my daily life. And together, we will be breathing every day, even for a short moment to integrate the breath in our daily life. As my Buddhist teacher used to say, Short Time, Many times;)

This Sunday, we started with a basic, but for me one of the most powerful techniques to - center yourself - quiet your mind and body - calm down anxiety and stress - refresh your body and mind - clear your nadis - your subtle channels - balance our feminine and masculine energies, the sun and the moon - regulate the flow of air through your nasal passages - remove toxins and more

This morning, I recorded myself during my own practice and shared this self practice video with my breathers.


If you want to - experience the power of the breath - practice some powerful refreshing techniques and have a container supporting you to breathe every day, you can still join our group. DM me if you are interested or check my event page on my website - see bio

I wish you a very nice week.

Here, I am very excited as I will be travelling to Kolkata for a few days to be immersed in Kali and Durga Energy and Inspiration! I will keep you posted!

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