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Co Regulating with the Earth

Here is an excerpt of one of my breathwork sessions during which we reconnected with the Earth. In our modern societies, we lost this sacred connection.

This leads to this feeling of separation from Life and creation.

And here is a testimonial:

Bindu, thank you once again for an exceptional session on Sunday. Once again, I was able to touch into the eternal flow of life and feel its pulse and gentle rhythm right inside my body. The combination of your clear, connected presence and amazing skills together with the field created by this group is helping me to access these deep levels of peace and knowing, beyond the ego’s adaptations to trauma which have previously blocked the way. This is not the only work I am doing to help me embody the truth that I have been knowing since the Intensives of Salvadore Poe , but it is one of the most powerful tools I have available to me. I’m so grateful for you and for what is coming through you and into the world! Much love, as always Elizabeth, UK

I will hold soon a FREE OPEN BREATHWORK SESSION and I hope to see you there! You will know more about it by suscribing to my newsletter:


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