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Breathwork : The Spacious Body

Here is an excerpt of a breathwork session part of my last BREATHWORK FREEDOM series with a meditation breathwork aiming to feel our spacious body.

We have the perception that our body is solid but it permeates space. Science knows that more than 99% of our sub-atomic parts are only space. But as we perceive our body with our mind, it appears solid and we lose touch with the emptiness quality of our body.

By reconnecting with our spacious body, a natural relaxation of our body and mind happen. We can feel that the space inside our body is the same as the space outside of our body. And we can feel that there is no inside and no outside.

When we are spacious, open and not located anymore, our brain is less stimulated to think but simply more open and naturally our energy is no more concentrated in the forebrain and our mind becomes quieter.

When we are in touch with our spacious body, we can feel one with our environment.

We can feel connected and no more separated... No inside, no outside…Everything is appearing with us…We are including everything… This is the reconnection to Being or Presence or Life all included.

I will hold soon a FREE OPEN BREATHWORK SESSION and I hope to see you there!

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