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Breathing Emptiness Is Form

Emptiness is Form

Form is Emptiness

These sentences come from the Heart Sutra,

One of the most powerful and complete teachings of the Buddha

Describing the nature of our reality and

The most obvious thing, the most simple thing - who we are,

Both Emptiness and Form,

Consciousness and Creation,

Awareness and Density,

Immaterial and Matter,

Nothing and Everything,

Apparition and Dissolution,

Unseen and Seen,

Invisible and Visible,

Unknown and Known

Intangible and Tangible.

But what is this question 'Who am I?'

I am both the body and consciousness.

I am Shiva, the eternal principle of space

And Shakti, the power of creation.

I am Life force,

Unseparated from the life current flowing within me.

I am what I was in the womb,

This unified consciousness including everything.

I am what I was before the schism,

Between the polarities,

Good and bad,

Masculine and feminine,

Mind and body.

The separation

Between me and others,

Between me and the earth.

During this schism,

I took refuge in the known, in the mind,

Out of fear,

Needing to dominate,

To control,

To know

What cannot be-

Life force,



Constant ephemeral unfolding.

The breath is the bridge between our polarities,

Between our body and mind,

Between our sensations, emotions and silence,

Between our appearance, our incarnation, our form, our body

And our being before the split,

Always and already here,

In the Present moment,

In the eternal vibration current of life.

The breath allows us

To reconnect with our density, our form, our body,

Leaving our head, our mind

To Induce some fluidity

In our tensions and contractions,

Which create the illusion of separation.

By embracing our form, our body and all the appearances

A real reconnection is possible

No longer through the mind

But directly,

By reconnecting with the source of Life current within us,


In our body, our sensations.

From this place, from our body,

Emptiness is Form

Form is Emptiness

Can be Lived and Known no longer from the mind

But AS what we are.


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