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Breathing around the Heart

Our belly is the place in our body where we can feel the source of Creation or the center of the universe. According to different Eastern spiritual traditions, this is the place where the Macrocosm meets the Microcosm.

At the same time, our belly is also the seat of our emotions and our deepest fears.

In order to enter our belly in a gentle and safe way during the breathwork session, we connected our belly with our heart with our breath.

Our heart is the place of Unconditional Love which has the ability to welcome and heal all our wounds stored in our lower belly.

Here is one testimonial of this session:

' Initially I had so much resistance & wanted to run away from my computer. I couldn’t handle how cut off I felt.

But when Bindu had us lie down & go down into the deep earth, it all shifted. I felt safe for the first time since I can remember.

I’m blown away by how BINDU guided this whole program. She has an unbelievable gift for this work. I can never thank her enough.' Jenny, US

I will hold soon a FREE OPEN BREATHWORK SESSION and I hope to see you there! You will know more about it by suscribing to my newsletter:

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