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Anxiety Relief Breathing Technique

Here I am in Kolkatta breathing in the left nostril while waiting for the opening of the Kali Temple!

Breathing in and out though the left nostril activates our rest and digest mode and is a powerful practice to calm down and slow down our hectic mind and our body.

It helps me to calm down my anxieties.

It is a great and fast breathing technique to let go of our masculine doing mode for the Being mode. Both sides, Doing and Being are complimentary but can be imbalanced as our modern society is more on the Doing mode.

The left nostril also corresponds to the Ida subtle channel of our subtle body, corresponding to our feminine energy, our Shakti. It also represents the moon, the left side of our body, the right hemisphere of our brain and activates our creative energy.

I noticed that I am receiving downloads of inspirations and deep insights when I am in the space of the Being mode.

Since I am back from Kolkatta, I noticed that I have not had this subtle anxiety feeling I often have when I am waking up. It feels like the anxiety of Existence. Let's see how long it will last;) But for sure, the deep Love of Kolkatta brought me a deep sense of comfort very similar to the Mother Love. Thank you Kali and Kolkatta.

You can breathe with me now - inhale deeply and gently for the same amount of time through the left nostril.

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