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Inquiries from the Breath

Updated: May 17, 2021

How about a moment to be nothing? To forget all that we have learned, All our knowledge, All our questions, All our thoughts that we should be another way.

How about a moment of being totally with the breath? And to really let our breath guide us While being nothing but just space to receive this medicine.

Let the breath breathe you.

Here and now. Nothing to change. Nothing to explore. No questions. No mind.

See how you are perfect right now As you are, totally.

You are fine and perfect. There is nothing wrong with you. Breathe the Wisdom and silence of the breath.

Leave aside your conditionings, your fears, your control. Breath is breath,

And is Life force Always perfect!

Are you ready to be nothing and fully welcome the breath? To fully welcome what is appearing in your body and to embrace it with no judgement, no expectations?

Are you ready to just feel without analyzing? Or rejecting or repressing?

Or knowing anything about anything?

Are you ready to

Bring back the freshness, newness, the life force in you? It has never left you.

Here and now, Can you feel it in all your body?

All thoughts are also movements, Movement of the life flow, Also essence. Movements of your subconscious.

From observer to space, Breathe your whole being Being space. Let your presence breathe you.

Are you ready to be a rebel of your mind? To be fully who you are?

Everything is fine. It is already perfect. What is IS! So breathe freely As all that you are now.

You are fine.

If you feel some resistance, Continue to breathe With love and compassion And Let the breath love you Let the breath touch and enlighten all the parts of your being,

All your cells.

Let the breath guide you For healing and reconnection to what you are, Your presence In which everything appears I am I exist I am life

Bindu Pothalil

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