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dim. 21 janv.



FREE WEBINAR - Breathing For a Renewal of your Being!

This Webinar aims to open your being, supported by our Breath and our Loving Presence, to be again in touch with Life force and the flow of constant renewal happening in our body.

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FREE WEBINAR - Breathing For a Renewal of your Being!
FREE WEBINAR - Breathing For a Renewal of your Being!

Time & Location

21 janv. 2024, 11:00 – 12:30 UTC−5


About the Event

I am excited to announce that I will be offering a Free breathwork Webinar - Breathing For a Renewal of your Being!

This Webinar will be held on Sunday Jan 21st at 11am NY - 4pm UK - 5pm Paris - 9:30pm IST.

If you are not able to attend live, RSVP and I will send you the link to the Recording.

In this dark age, in this winter season, it may be difficult to be optimistic, to feel a sense of hope and to feel that something new is possible.

This sense of renewal is also directly accessible in your body in our loving Presence as Life is always happening in our body, in each of our breaths and in each of our sensations…

However, due to stress, anxiety, mental and physical tensions, trauma and disconnection, our body, our heart and our mind may have been closed off, preventing us from feeling alive and the love of creation always flowing into our body and nourishing our being.

It is possible to renew your body and mind as the year begins, even before the flowers in your garden are blossoming.

Our breath and our Loving Presence have the power to regulate our nervous system and to release our tensions to be again in touch with Life force and the flow of constant renewal happening in our body, in a safe and loving way.

During this event,  I will share different breathing and embodiment practices for a sense of Renewal.

I will show you how the Breath and your Loving Presence can regenerate your body and shift for your consciousness.

If you are 

  • Suffering with anxiety, stress, insecurities, mental and physical tensions, chronic pains, trauma (individual and collective)
  • Struggling to feel safe in your body and to take a deep breath to feel groundness and serenity in uncertainties of Life
  • Unable to get out of your constricted and hectic mind and to meditate and Be in the present moment
  • Feeling disconnected from your heart, your humanity and the beauty of Life
  • Struggling to feel hope, alive, held and nourished by Life

This webinar is for you!

Please be aware that there are some contraindications for the conscious connected breathing for acute health issues, like 

cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, bipolarity, epilepsy, pregnancy, glaucoma/detached retina, diagnosed brain or abdomen aneurysm, recent abdominal surgery, uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid conditions.

If you are suffering from acute health conditions in these areas, please consult a doctor if you feel the need to. During this Webinar, we will be breathing in a gentle and soft way.

Picture Credit - Pinterest - Aura - "Golden Bodhi Tree"



'Once again, I was able to touch into the eternal flow of life and feel its pulse and gentle rhythm right inside my body.  The combination of Bindu's clear, connected presence and amazing skills together with the field created by this group is helping me to access these deep levels of peace and knowing, beyond the ego’s adaptations to trauma which have previously blocked the way.   This is not the only work I am doing to help me embody the truth but it is one of the most powerful tools I have available to me.  I’m so grateful for you and for what is coming through you and into the world! '  Elizabeth, UK


"I really appreciate Bindu's Conscious approach to Breathwork and her ability to gently guide us and hold space during the sessions. I’ve experienced a lot of positive shifts and noticeable improvements since we began this Breathwork journey . One of the most important for me is to feel safe again in my body after a very stressful, difficult year in 2022. There is also an important paradigm shift in my perception, which is that I’m able to just simply receive and allow life as i receive each breath instead of taking or efforting to  breath. There is a more effortless flow to my day to day life.I’m very grateful to have the support of Bindu and the community she has created." Vanessa, US


'The breathing sessions have helped foster a greater sense of groundedness and serenity, particularly concerning unknowns in my life. I feel more relaxed. I enjoy the sessions and the sense of calm that subsequently ensues. I also appreciate the opportunity to breathe deeply as my breathing is sometimes shallow. I feel as though i'm just scratching the surface and look forward to the continuing deepening of my experience. Anything and all you offer is interesting to me. Thanks Bindu.' Linda, USA


“Opening the inner bodies and connecting with the creative life force has brought wondrous insights about my beingness, love and life. Miracles occur on a regular basis.” Sam, Singapore


"This last series has helped me to go deeper into my body with the breath. I feel that the breathwork has helped me to dislodge some pain and trauma held in the body that I have not been able to dissolve with other practices.   

Overall, the whole series felt very expansive and induced a change of my frequency. It was an invitation to step into the next level of myself and let go of all that has been keeping me in the same patterns and holding me back. I had some resistance at some points to going deeper but I allowed my body to lead me.

During this last series I made the decision to quit my job which was the source of much anxiety and stress and I have been feeling a lot of density lifting and with it layers of fear and conditioning. One of the biggest fears was tied to me doing what was best for me on a personal level as opposed to sacrificing myself for others or an institution. I have been feeling supported by the breath in this process to let go and step into the next level of my power." Jill, Belgium


And Here are 2 videos testimonials which can also be found on my Blog page



BREATHWORK FREEDOM - The Quintessence of Eastern Wisdom for Western Mind

The breath is the simplest yet most profound way to access the essence of the Eastern wisdom for more peace and magic in your daily life, regenerating both your mind and your body.



I am delighted to be a certified breathworker in 2 different schools registered to the Global Breathworker Alliance: Alchemy of Breath and Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release.

Before attending these breathwork and nervous system healing modalities, I spent 20 years diving into meditation in Tibetan Buddhism, Advaita, living between the Western and the Eastern world. Before moving to India, I used to work in the Corporate environment in big cities all around the world.

For more than 15 years, I committed to Buddhist practices and I was able to receive the highest instructions from the Vajrayana/Tibetan tantric tradition such as Mahamudra/Dzogchen – different techniques showing who you are behind your busy mind, giving you access to your essential nature which is your expanded and relaxed state of being/consciousness.

Today, I have a deeply rooted somatic practice including Hatha yoga, Kundalini Yoga, embodied meditation practices, healing movement, and sacred feminine teachings.

I am convinced by the power of combining both the insights from spiritual teachings pointing out to our essential nature and the power of the breath to release physical tensions and trauma. This is how I developed my body of work, combining Eastern techniques and breathwork, addressing both the body and the mind for a real sense of Freedom in daily life  and this is why I am offering this new series.


My breathwork sessions are the fruition of the different techniques I practiced for many years, reflecting the essence of my spiritual path in a modern way, accessible to everyone and to the Western mind.

Due to my intercultural background, between the West and the East, I am able to bring the essence of the spiritual Eastern traditions in a very simple way, through the breath and loving presence.

My breathers are located all around the Western world. They are corporate workers, healers, coaches, spiritual seekers and also people with no spiritual background seeking for reconnection to who they are and to life and aspiring towards a sense of Freedom in the current hectic world.

My sessions allow them to experience and to forge an embodied sense of freedom, both in their body and in their mind, to feel empowered to live their life as they want.

At the body level, they can have access to safety and body opening with the release of deep tensions and traumas and reconnecting with vitality and aliveness. Thanks to the breath, they are able to access the subtle aspects of their body and feel the life flow at a cellular level.

“Opening the inner bodies and connecting with the creative life force has brought wondrous insights about my beingness, love and life. Miracles occur on a regular basis.”

Sam, Singapore

At the mind level, they are able to leave their hectic mind for a sense of calmness and happiness. Breathing allows them to feel reconnected with the depth of the present moment and to find the meaning of life in its richness and fullness.

While breathing, many of them also experience a lasting shift of perception, similar to a plant journey.

These shifts have deep impacts on their life as it opens the door to self-love and acceptance of their humanity. The shifts also allow them to reconnect to their Essence and their expanded state of being.

This naturally results in a felt sense of wholeness with life, as well as a feeling of being less isolated. From this new space of being, they are able to connect to other human beings in a more harmonious way and to feel how the collective is intertwined in their cells.


Finally, during my sessions, I am bringing the quintessence of my path through the breath supported by the vibration of one of the most sacred places of India. My breathers can feel that they are directly connected with the sacred vibration of India being transmitted through my breathwork sessions.

If you wish to go deeper in your breath, in your body, in your presence, in your essence for a real sense of Freedom, join my next Breathwork Freedom series. You will be part of a beautiful community of breathers from all over the world. They all come to take a breath of fresh air all together to reconnect to their Essence and their expanded state of being beyond their busy mind for a life lived with a deeper sense of freedom, which is very important seeing the current hectic conditions we are living in in most places of the world.

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