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Healing & Awakening


Breathwork is a wonderful tool to heal all the wounds and tensions stored in your body. By restoring the life flow, tension knots caused by emotions and trauma are released. This unleashes your full potential to live a life of true happiness and freedom.

Breathwork regulates your nervous system, releases anxiety, connects you to the present moment and Life Force.

By breathing, we reconnect with Life.

Breath gives access to freedom, happiness and ease of being.

Imagine a world where every human being taps in with their breath,

knows who they are, feels one with Existence, and is whole, complete, at peace.

Let's breath for a peaceful world!



Here is a Preview of my upcoming series Liminal Womb dedicated to the Feminine




















I strongly believe that many aches of our Humanity find their roots in the lack of connection with our Deepest Self, our Inner Home and with the Sacredness of our Body and Life.












When The Masculine and Feminine are meeting, 

We can again feel Home,

Our Heart can be again open

To feel the Sacredness of Life which has been lost

While feeling more sense in our Life.


In this Union,

We can feel that

Our body is not just a machine or an object

But A Sacred vessel.

In this Union,

We can feel that

The Earth is not inanimate

But a Conscious Being

In which Life is always Flowing.

In this Union,

We can Feel

The Unconditional Love and the Magic of Life!


Sessions with Bindu have allowed me to process stored energies from the past. I have felt rage, terror, grief and joy explode out of me during sessions. I have felt the opening and easing of energetic centres in my body that must previously have been closed off.

The work with Bindu has brought the truth into my body, or rather it has shown me the inherent truth that is always present in the body. As someone who has a strong tendency to live in the intellectual realm, this work shows and reminds me that world from which I have been escaping for most of my life, the body, is an open ocean that can be safely sailed without fear.

Oliver, Creative Director - UK

Since the program, I now feel I have more access to my feelings. They feel stronger and less restricted. I laugh louder and cry harder. And my body feels much less achy in general. I would gladly do the process again! Bindu truly facilitates so well, and I am very grateful for her skills and gifts.

Tanja, Coach - US

Breathing with Bindu gives me the opportunity to be space for my physical body and to address my health from the perspective of Freedom. It allows me to meet and to unravel physical and emotional impacts of conditioning in the body and mind. It allows me to feel the life flowing through me like I am a open vessel. Each session supports me to meet fully in presence what is appearing in my body and mind which creates each time more space for life to show up as it wants. Bindu's presence transmits through the screen. Elizabeth, Coach - UK

Bindu New Web Pic 1.jpg


For me, Breath is the ultimate medicine for our body, mind and spirit. It gives us direct access to our inner being and to the vibration of aliveness present in all the cells of our body. This is the doorway to Presence and Life Force.

By breathing, we can reconnect in a safe and grounded way with all our aspects for an embodied awakening.



A Breathwork Freedom session utilizes conscious connected breath, felt sense, movement, sound, bodywork, somatic meditation and presence in order to release physical and mental tensions stored in the body and mind and to deepen inner Presence.


A session with Bindu will open you up to a new perception of what you are, to reconnect with your body and your essence while taking a step back from the limiting stories of your mind.

Then, genuine healing is possible, a healing in Presence, and you will feel empowered to live more consciously by being again connected to yourself, other human beings and Life.


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